Chloride-Free PlaySafe Liquid Ice Blocker — Stop Ice Before it starts

Chloride-Free PlaySafe Liquid Ice Blocker — Stop Ice Before it starts


Available now at over 500 Home Depot and Lowe’s stores, Lowes.com and Amazon as well.


Your parents (and theirs) had no choice but to endure the hassles of melting ice (product selection, loading and unloading the car,  applying to slippery surfaces, tracking into the home, waiting forever for it to work, putting pets and their family at risk).

How simple is PlaySAFE to use?

PlaySAFE is ready to use right out of the jug, just pour into any pump strayer and lightly apply to decks, steps, sidewalks, pavers, driveways, etc. up to 48 hours before snowfall.  One gallon of PlaySAFE will pretreat 2,000 sq ft. (you’d use up to 100 pounds of ice melt  to clean the same space).  So stop dragging those heavy bags into the car and storing them at home.

Dogs love PlaySAFE too — no pellets to hurt their paws, no toxins to hurt their tummy.




Aviation Grade performance for home use

EASY & SAFE – Lightly Apply to surfaces when they are safe and dry (up to 48 hours prior to snow falling) to keep ice from bonding to most surfaces (wood, brick, concrete).

  • You can’t slip on ice that is not there.  We minimize ice formation and simplify ice removal — so that you don’t need to fuss with expensive ice melts
  • PlaySafe Liquid Ice Blocker has no pellets to get trapped in paws and shoes — so that dangerous and wintry mess stays outside your home or business.
  • We’ll never use an ingredient that could hurt your pet’s paws or be toxic to their tummy.

CHEAPER – In colder weather, one gallon treats the area of 100 pounds of expensive ice melt. Plus it saves all that ice removal time. Ice Blocker is equipped with a hinged RTU (ready to use) “sprinkle top” head for small spaces but is best applied with any pump sprayer. You can store the product in plastic sprayers between applications.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – Proven in aviation, and in industrial settings all over the world, this is the first truly safe product that is truly a high achiever.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed down to -15°F. This product will not burn adjacent turf like so many granular ice melts will (especially if you apply them in the appropriate quantity to actually melt ice).

Additional information

Weight 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 11 in

One Gallon


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