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Your parents (and theirs) had no choice but to endure the hassles of melting ice (product selection, loading and unloading the car,  applying to slippery surfaces, tracking into the home, waiting forever for it to work, putting pets and their family at risk).

How simple is PlaySAFE to use?

PlaySAFE is ready to use right out of the jug, just pour into any pump strayer and lightly apply to decks, steps, sidewalks, pavers, driveways, etc. up to 48 hours before snowfall.  One gallon of PlaySAFE will pretreat 2,000 sq ft. (you'd use up to 100 pounds of ice melt  to clean the same space).  So stop dragging those heavy bags into the car and storing them at home. Dogs love PlaySAFE too -- no pellets to hurt their paws, no toxins to hurt their tummy.