Gabby & Ellie

Pet Parents are happiest when their pets are safe and at play. Pets are certainly happiest when they are at play — Fetching. Rolling. Exploring. PlaySAFE is founded on the belief that products that go where pets go should be made honestly, with only the safest ingredients possible, and always with pet’s best interests in mind. It’s that simple

We’ve learned along the way that what’s good for the dog is always in the best interest of their people.  When a pet makes you rethink how you treat their environment, it improves ours too.   It’s just another way that our pets protect us.

PlaySAFE is trusted by parents to provide top-tier products that make the outdoors safe for their family, butterflies, birds, and the environment. PlaySAFE is your trusted partner Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall — we make high performing products with the most vulnerable in mind.

We love listening to environmental experts, animal health professionals and pet parents. Please contact us anytime with ideas to be better.

Mitch Vestal