You’ll never buy ice melt again

Pretreating with PlaySAFE liquid keeps ice away and ice melt pellets off your pet


Why PlaySAFE is the fastest growing ice control product

  • Ease of use.  Pour product into a pump sprayer, light apply to surfaces before snow.  Store product in the pump sprayer.
  • PlaySAFE blocks ice from bonding to surfaces so that you can easily clear snow away to an ice free surface, even in really cold weather (-15°F)
  • It works.  No more slipping around on the ice as you apply those messy melting pellets.
  • Road crews pretreat every day somewhere in the winter.  Our formulation has 25+ years of experience on airports all over the globe.
  • It’s cheap.  One gallon of PlaySAFE coers 2,000 square feet — that replaces 100 pounds (2 heavy bags or 12 little jugs) of ice melt
  • No chlorides to harm surfaces and deck screws, no toxins to hurt your pet, no salt / fertilizer to kill your grass
  • NO pellets to enter your home
  • No Pellets to irritate your dog.
  • We are transparent. Our ingredients are listed in plain searchable english.  Unlike safety brands that hide their ingredients (or hide behind scientific names and clever phrases like special glycols)
  • You apply product while standing on a safe, dry surface
  • No one has ever fallen on ice that wasn’t there.

The most frequent complaints about pelleted ice melts

  • It’s expensive to remove ice.  Packages are expensive and it takes over 100 pounds in the cold
  • It’s confusing to shop the options.  Product claims are almost never supported by the ingredients listed on the bag.
  • It’s hard work to wrestle ice melts into the cart from the retailer’s floor, then to your car and home storage
  • The first step of melting ice is to venture on to the ice. & spread their messy toxic pellets
  • Ice Melt products never tell you how to apply products as it gets colder
  • When it gets cold these ingredients lose effectiveness and speed
  • All pellets stick into your pet’s paws and it hurts.  They all include toxins (even those marked safer or friendlier)


PlaySafe Ice Blocker

Lightly spray before snowfall (up to 48 hours) to keep ice from bonding to most surfaces (wood, brick, concrete).

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